Sponsoring Societies

The OCEANS Conference is made possible by the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society and the Marine Technology Society. These societies have partnered to present the OCEANS Conference to society members, as well as affiliated companies, government agencies, universities, and individuals, in order to further grow and develop their fields through collaborative learning and synergistic solutions.

The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES) promotes the objectives of the society around the world through networking, conferences and publications with a focus on the future through extensive support of their student and young professional members. The Society strives for the advancement of the theory and practice of electrotechnology, allied branches of engineering, and related arts and sciences, applied to all bodies of water – and the maintenance of high professional and ethical standards among its members and affiliates.

OES’s field of interest includes all aspects of science, engineering, and technology that address research, development, and operations pertaining to all bodies of water. This includes the creation of new capabilities and technologies from concept design through prototypes, testing, and operational systems to sense, explore, understand, develop, use, and responsibly manage natural resources.

The Marine Technology Society (MTS) promotes awareness, understanding, advancement and application of marine technology. The society was incorporated in June 1963 to give members of academia, government and industry a common forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

The MTS mission is to 1) Facilitate a broader understanding of the relevance of marine technology to wider global issues by enhancing the dissemination of marine technology information; 2) Promote and improve marine technology and related educational programs; 3) Advance the development of the tools and procedures required to explore, study and further the responsible and sustainable use of the oceans.

MTS strives to be “the leading authority and advocate for marine technology and resources while promoting member success and public understanding.”