Why a Hybrid OCEANS?

Welcome to OCEANS 2021 San Diego – Porto

Rooted in the success of previous OCEANS Conferences, OCEANS 2021 is poised to be an even stronger global event. With the European conference delayed due to the pandemic, the Porto, Portugal, OCEANS 2021 spring conference team has joined forces with the San Diego team to bring you OCEANS 2021 San Diego – Porto, a hybrid event with both an in-person and virtual presence possible.  While we hope to see as many attendees as possible enjoy the in-person conference in San Diego, everyone who wishes to attend worldwide will have a virtual venue available to enjoy the significant benefits of the conference not found anywhere else in 2021 – technical innovation, scientific research, and high-level agency and commercial budget and investment briefings. In addition, come and enjoy the in-person joint kickoff with the United Nations of its IOC “Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.”

For the benefit of all attendees, whether in-person or virtual San Diego and Porto will hold, or present, their plenaries, workshops, etc., during the standard OCEANS schedule and in their respective time zones. All technical papers and posters, whether virtual, or in-person, will be uploaded and on line access will be available to registrants for a month after the conference ends. Please notice that in spite of being virtual, all Porto sessions will take place at assigned time slots (that will become available in the final conference program) with direct interaction of the sessions chairs, speakers, and attendance remotely, including a period of Q&A at the end of each session. 

The San Diego website has been updated to reflect the new hybrid conference.  This also includes an updated exhibitor floor plan that provides a more efficient interaction between the exhibitors and attendees. Our call for papers has also been issued. The technical program will provide in-person presentations, which are also uploaded to the virtual program site, for those who can attend in San Diego; for those authors who cannot attend in San Diego, they will also have the ability to upload their presentations to the virtual program site. All registered attendees will have access to all technical papers and events that have been uploaded.

Please visit our website at: https://global21.oceansconference.org/

See you in September!