Who’s attending & Why should you?

…on the latest in new and emerging technologies

…on innovative research and science

…in investment strategies and spending priorities

Join the thousands of professionals who make OCEANS, whether in-person or virtual, their home for continued learning:

  • Thought leaders, industry experts, cutting-edge vendors/suppliers, government/military
  • Businesses, institutions, individual professionals and students who are ocean engineers, technologists, policy makers and educators
  • Members of academia, government and industry who want a common forum for the exchange of information and ideas
  • Professionals interested in all aspects of science, engineering, and technology that address research, development, and operations pertaining to all bodies of water; this includes the creation of new capabilities and technologies from concept design through prototypes, testing, and operational systems to sense, explore, understand, develop, use, and responsibly manage natural resources
  • Individuals interested in sessions that are scientific, literary, and educational in character that strive for the advancement of the theory and practice of electrotechnology, allied branches of engineering, and related arts and sciences, applied to all bodies of water; and the maintenance of high professional and ethical standards among its members and affiliates
  • And more…

For the advancement of the industry and the development of your career, you don’t want to miss the in-person OCEANS 2021 San Diego – Porto. Contact us to stay updated on the latest news and take advantage of the most affordable registration prices. If you can’t make it to the in-person event, you can still present papers or become an attendee virtually.

Why should YOU attend?

To stay relevant in your field. The pace of technological advancement… If you want to progress in your career in marine technology and engineering, you can’t miss the annual OCEANS conference, whether in-person or virtual.

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and standards in oceanic research, transport, and engineering are constantly changing. When you attend the OCEANS 2021 San Diego – Porto conference, you gather with the top minds and leading pioneers of the marine industry to learn about cutting-edge technologies, fresh research, relevant topics in policy, and updated benchmarks of success in the industry. Learn about stakeholder budgeting and spending forecasts and project planning as well as Technology needs identified at the high-level, including 5-year forecasts and briefings from major government agencies. In addition, you will hear from Honorary Chairs from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the United Nations IOC, as well as speakers from various federal agencies. And also join the virtual presentations that will be coordinated by our Porto team members.

Registration is set to open June 14.