Elevate Your Brand at OCEANS

Everyone knows OCEANS.  The esteemed annual conference put on by both the Marine Technology Society and IEEE’s Oceanic Engineering Society is well known for the over 500+ papers that are presented on a variety of topics within the ocean science and maritime industries.  When attendees are not in sessions learning about these robust and essential industry topics, they are walking the Exhibit Hall Floor, experiencing and testing the latest and greatest technology, products and services that over 130 vendors have to offer.  

While it makes for an exciting and busy conference it can also be a challenge to grab an attendee’s attention.  Increasing traffic to your booth and company presence is more important than ever.  Asking yourself and your team “What are we doing to drive traffic to our booth?” can the make it or break it question for your conference activation.  

Fortunately, the OCEANS Seattle show has several ways to ensure a successful and busy show: 

  1.  Becoming a Patron: By selecting a patron package that includes your booth space, allows for over 15+ places for your company ad, logo and signage to ensure your company stands out above the rest.  
  2. Additional Registrations: Bringing additional staff to OCEANS can help your company be in more than once place at once.  Having staff work your booth, present in the Innovation Theater and attend additional sessions to make certain that your company is learning all there is to know about the industry! All patron packages include additional full conference and exhibit hall only registrations.  
  3. Social and Networking Events: At OCEANS…you are well fed! With three receptions and breakfast and lunch daily, there are many, customized ways to allow your company to connect with attendees on a more social level. 

Patron sponsorships continue to be a unique and important way to have a successful conference experience.  MCI is excited to be able to connect with vendors on designing a customized, unforgettable package!