Women in Engineering Breakfast

Women in Engineering Breakfast

Date: Thursday, September 23 7:00am – 8:00am

Location: Town and Country Ballroom A


Moderator: Ms. Brandy Armstrong

Panelists:   Dr. Cinda P. Scott

Ms. Nikita Shielle-Rolle

Dr. Ivona Cetinic


Session Summary: MTS and IEEE OES Women in Engineering (WIE) are proud to host a special session breakfast at Oceans Global 2021. The Women in Engineering panel will feature 3 women communicating how justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (or lack thereof) have helped shape their careers (including difficulties overcome, lessons learned, and successes and support received along the way) and how it has influenced what they are focused on today. This is an in person, and virtual, event meaning that it is possible to attend the breakfast in person and also to connect to the presentations online. This ongoing series of panels held at OCEANS to encourage networking, support and mentorship of women in engineering and provide an opportunity for women to see other women succeeding in their field and learn from their narratives. This breakfast panel is for those who identify as Women in Engineering and their supporters. We hope you will join us!