Workshop: Town Hall: Opportunities for Marine Technology in Offshore Wind Development

Special Session (W3): Workshop: Town Hall: Opportunities for Marine Technology in Offshore Wind Development

Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 1530-1650

Location: Town & Country Ballroom A


Session Convener:  Ruth Perry

Session Co-convener:  Justin Manley


    1. Jeremy Potter, BOEM
    2. Nicole LeBoeuf, NOAA
    3. Alicia Mahon PNNL
    4. Ed Saade, Fugro
    5. Travis Miles, Rutgers
    6. Dave Jones, Saildrone


Session Summary:

Offshore wind is a rapidly growing sector of the global and national Blue Economy.  Offshore wind installations are accelerating across the globe, with forecasts projecting from 65 to 100 GW operational between 2023 and 2025.  Deployments are expected to increase in the United Kingdom, France, Asia and the United States.  The United States is anticipated to become one of the largest offshore markets in 2024 with 1.7 million acres under lease with more than 1,500 foundations to be installed.  Balance of offshore wind development with other ocean users and resources presents unique opportunities for early relationship building and emerging reliance on new science and data programs to support co-existence. Workshops across the European and U.S. networks are building coordination and helping to identify research gaps and frameworks to map how those gaps can be filled with monitoring and research.  Funding opportunities are also increasing to support research, with a major focus on establishing pre-construction baselines.  The rapidly evolving technologies, significant amount of construction and operations support, regulatory monitoring, and broader investigations of how offshore wind installations could affect ocean environments and ecosystems presents unique opportunities for the marine technology sector.   Attendees of the marine technology community will learn the scope of what is happening within the industry, the offshore platform designs that offer general autonomy from marine species and marine habitat, and the potential opportunities for small business supporting offshore renewable energy, including required monitoring of operations and maintenance activities.